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Can we please launch MP mission from Mission Editor?


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I'm developing some MP missions, and debugging a mission involves multiple annoying 'dances', one of them the 'ME to server shuffle'. It goes like this: to test an MP mission I need to

  • get out of ME
  • back to Main
  • go to Multiplayer
  • load the mission and start server
  • discover a bug or verify bug squashed
  • end server
  • end MP
  • go back to main
  • start ME
  • load mission
  • edit bug

rinse and repeat. 


It may be a small QoL thing, but it would greatly ease the tediousness of this rigmarole if we had a second, perhaps blue button next to the green 'run mission' button that would 'launch as MP' (it could directly lead to the MP page, provided that closing the MP server page leads back to ME). It's the small things, I know, but they are slowly driving me nuts. Even if it only shaves off 2 minutes of each iteration, my testers would also welcome the change (currently they need to sit around waiting for me to do the dance), which positively impacts their willingness to test.


Thanks for considering this



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