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VR specific enhancements

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Simple observation from a new person (perhaps I've missed an option in the settings?)


Being that playing DCS with a VR headset requires the selection of the option which tells the game you want to play in VR, my wish there would be that it would also allow for the following:


With the option to turn this feature on/off in the VR settings, it would be nice to have a small guide in the upper left or right corner of the visual area (similar to how communications text works when in VR) which contained either a small green dot, or a small red dot, to indicate whether or not the aircraft the pilot is in has high fidelity features.  So if you are in an SU-25T, the red dot would essentially tell you instantly to not bother trying to click any buttons or flip any toggles.

Additionally, if a couple other small icons that would be nice to have in the same group (again, only if the user selects them in VR options), would be a battery level indicator, and a connection integrity indicator.

I realize the latter may be a lot more difficult as the software would have to recognize the type of VR headset in order to access that data, and that connection status might be a bit to subjective to really display accurately.  Mostly I'd like to see the low/high fidelity indicator.   Might be especially useful during the promotions where people can fly any aircraft.

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