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DCS F-16C MOD, how find export datas for eHSI and RWR?


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Hello, I have a cockpit for F-16C from F4 BMS.
This uses graphic displays for the instruments. They are graphic screens and not monitors. 
So I can't do visual exports on these.
With the Export lua and the help of the community, I managed to adapt all my screens except the RWR and especially the eHSI (or HSI).
Anyone know how to retrieve the infos I am missing for the HSI?
  • - HSI : bearing to beacon?
  • - HSI : CRS deviation?
  • - HSI : Current heading?
  • - HSI : Desired CRS?
  • - HSI : Desired Heading?
  • - HSI : Distance to Beacon?
For the RWR these are the threats displayed
If anyone can help me that would be wonderful




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i found for current heading


    local hdgDeg
    local selfData = LoGetSelfData()
    if selfData.Heading ~= nil then
        local hdgDegValue = selfData.Heading / (2 * math.pi) * 360
        hdgDeg = math.floor(hdgDegValue)


thanks DCS-BIOS

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someone knows how to find the different instruments in the "parse_indication" for F-16? 

Mainly for eHSI and RWR?


I know :

    DED = parse_indication(6)
    CMDS = parse_indication(16)
    UHF PresetChannel = parse_indication(10)
    UHF FreqStatus = parse_indication(11)

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Hello, I'm still looking for a heading to the F-16's NAV / TACAN point. the small blue arrow on the HSI.
I tried "LoGetControlPanel_HSI ()" but it didn't work. I tried "LoGetControlPanel_eHSI ()" same.
Someone would have any idea?

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