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Campaign Builder / mission specific order


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I would much appreciate a change in campaign builder:

Altough the scoring system for stage change is quite effective, on long sequels it is a problem.


It would be nice if the "Load mission" was adapted to campaign mission.

In that case if I do 5 tutorials missions then screw badly the first real one (which is the 6th in sequence) with a bad action (monitored via Mission designer, not a simple dumb crash), I can't force the next mission to jump multiples missions backward for a last chance survival before a campaign fail.

So at some point, either you win, you see a score >50 so you know that you won somehow, or you see a score <50 and you know that you've done something wrong. Ok for once or maybe two if the design permits (not just replays of tutorial) but at some point, you just hit "Fly again" or CTRL R if you see such a score to basically "discard" what you've done earlier. Keeping at 50 is not receommended because you can't go back and forth with certainty 'cause the next mission is randomly chosen.


With the load mission, or something like "load other branch", you could easily "fool" the player to bring him somewhere he really deserves, even if he thinks he won.

Too many campaigns are win or retry. Even the KA50 Oil War has some capabilities in backward sequels (you start at stage 4) but limited near the start of the invasion which is totally unrealistic cause you can never lose in the end.


Also, a specific text and image for the win or loose campaign would be fantastic, rather than a generic text.


Everyone want a dynamic campaign, but scripted campaign is so much versatile, it's not a question of "bombing it or not" it's a question of true flying skills.


Thanks for you time mates.



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