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Installed open beta recently....


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Just.. wow.  This game is stunning.


I'm scared to put on my Quest 2 because I don't have the keybinds burned into memory yet, nor have a HOTAS (I know, it's not needed but I am holding off for the full experience).


I've been into 3D modeling for decades as a hobby, so I know a bit on what to look for in order to determine if something is real or not (moderately, I'm not a pro), but I'm constantly amazed at how quickly glancing behind my aircraft or looking around quickly while flying simply results in the impression of full realism.   


It's difficult to not just load up different missions with no enemies and vary the weather just to fly around and enjoy it.


I'll stop "fangirling" for now, but much appreciation for the work that has gone into 2.7.  Can't wait until it's released as stable.

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