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please... ED... PLEASE..! (switch binding idea)

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PLEASE ED- assign a Momentary action switch in the "Special for Joystick" for "Speed brake EXTEND/RETRACT" for EVERY aircraft!


Most aircraft modules seem to only have separate EXTEND or RETRACT binding options.


On my HOTAS I have a spring loaded switch which is designed for speed brakes (it is an actual Grumman A6 Intruder Throttle Quadrant I have wired into my setup). When the switch is pulled, SPD BRAKES EXTEND, When released, they Close. It can also be latched in the EXT position. I have to go into the default.lua files and try to recode this for each aircraft module I have. Most game updates requires recoding for every aircraft! Some aircraft switch configuration coding I can not work out and have to ask here for help. Its a PITA


There are many Momentary action switches/bindings in every aircraft which operate in the same manner ie. Switch pressed=ON, Switch Released=OFF . 


Another idea is if the Dev team could somehow make a switch binding option in the control assignments menu, where someone could select the type of switch they have. eg a column with "Toggle, Momentary, ON-OFF-ON, OFF-ON-ON, ROTARY"  etc    This would could make the integration of players various hardware available for every switching option.


An example of my frustrations in binding the speedbrake... I can not get the Speed Brake to operate on the F16C (using the same code as on the F18 which works perfectly..?!) The key binding does not even appear in the control assignments??

My modified code in bold below


{    down = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,            up = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,        cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS,    value_down = -1.0,    value_up = 0.0,        name = _('SPD BRK Switch - Aft/EXTEND (Momentary)'),                    category = {_('Throttle Grip'), _('HOTAS')}},
{    down = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,                                                            cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS,    value_down =  0.0,                        name = _('SPD BRK Switch - OFF'),                                        category = {_('Throttle Grip'), _('HOTAS')}},
{    down = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,                                                            cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS,    value_down =  1.0,                        name = _('SPD BRK Switch - Fwd/RETRACT'),    
 {    down = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,            up = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE,        cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS,    value_down = -1.0,    value_up = 1.0,        name = _('SPD BRK Switch - TOGGLE'),                                    category = {_('Throttle Grip'), _('HOTAS')}},



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