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need a bit of help

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Hey guys, I was kinda looking into a better processor for the comp i've been using, and I could use a little help. The processor I was looking at was this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6819115037 its a wolfdale E8400. I D/Led something called everest home edition, and that told me all about my motherboard. It says I have a dell DM061. bus type: intel GTL +, bus width: 64-bit, real clock: 533 MHz, and bandwidth: 4265 MB/s. My current CPU properties are as follows: cpu type: unknown, 1866 MHz (3.5 x 533) , L1 code cache: 32kb, L1 data cache: 32 kb, L2 cache: 2 mb.

So, what does all this stuff mean, and what all does it entail to do this? is the performance increase worth it? since i'm using a crappy vid card, if I upgraded, how much would that help me? and finally, is that E8400 gonna work with my current motherboard?

sry if these are nooby questions guys... thanks.

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