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Vertical Velocity Indicator accuracy


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Hi Everyone !


While training to land the M2000C, flying (many) standard 3.0* ILSs through the HUD, i noticed the vertical speed consistently indicates a tad more than what would be expected (about 1000 fpm instead of around 750 fpm with 140 KTS ground speed).

I tried to figure out the reason and ended up checking the vertical velocity indicator itself using a chronometer.
Seems to me that, both in climb and descent, the 500 fpm and 1000 fpm mark are a bit off.

Respectively timed at 375 fpm and 750 fpm by the watch. The 2000 fpm mark seemed alright though. 
Has anyone noticed the same or has another possible cause ?

Not a very big matter in itself but realism becomes addictive with this module !

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