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AI Ability to Request Assistance


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In my custom missions I like to create unpredictable scenarios. Some of these involve friendly units having their missions disrupted by enemy action. I can get these situations to happen but then there is the problem of alerting other units, especially players, about what is happening.


It's not practical, or necessarily realistic, to have every unit on the same radio frequency. Even if it was, the existing AI communications don't make it clear that they need support from other units (they will just say engaging/defending bandits).


I'd like to see a trigger added in the ME for "Request support from coalition/country/group/unit" etc. Along with this might come a trigger to detect if a coalition/country/group/unit is in engaged in combat. I envision something like:


Once > Group 'Aerial 1' engaged in combat by aircraft > Request support from 'Player CAP Flight'


This trigger would then send a radio message to player specifying that Aerial 1 is engaged by enemy aircraft and needs support from friendly fighters. It should also provide information like location and types of aircraft involved.


It would probably also be nice to tie this into AWACS as well, where AWACS could receive a help request and then broadcast to another group that is available to help.

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