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CAW and AdA mode (very confused)


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hello guys..was just spending some time trying to get my lomac back to its old state before i formatted my pc..it has been some time since i installed or played the CAW with AdA mod installed i think..which is where my question starts..what is CAW and what is AdA mod?its supposd to be two entirely different mods right?but why is it available under the same download called CAW?


and..i remembered that the last time i installed the CAW,the gave me some very very beautiful cockpits especially fore the Su-27 and MiG-29..those with 'screen' instead of dials on them..and if im not mistaken,it came with a nice runway texture as well..


why do i choose to babble so much here instead of just reinstalling CAW?

well,as far as i remembered,CAW/AdA mod replaces the Su-27 model with the Su-30..and it also gets the skin of the su-27/30 a little jumbled up with very few slots left for skins..and since i spend most of my time flying the su-30,i could really do without this part..


and this leads to the question,how can i install the CAW with just the missions,cockpits and runway textures or any other eyecandies?


one more thing,how do i get the merzifon mode to work together with the parkbox mod?


thanks in advance! :)

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Afaik CAW and ADA are two separate mods - one made by lockonfiles team, another one by french folks. If there is a support patch you can have them both. As for your question the revision of CAW i have came with modman compatible archive with all modules within also in separate modman archives each. Explore your CAW archive and install whatever modules you like

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