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Lunix Support For KA-50 Black Shark

Guest TheChaosProject

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Guest TheChaosProject

I know that LOMC runs on Lunix using Wine, but is there anyone who has tried playing KA-50 on Lunix so far? And if so what distro of Lunix are you running? I want to know if it is going to play out of the box [or digital download] or if I am going to have to tweak somethings before it is going to work.


Here are my specs:

Ubuntu 8.10

Wine 1.0.1

Intel Core Duo T2500 2.00 Ghz

1.5 Gib of DDR-5300 RAM

ATi x1600


Your support and response are greatly appricated.


The Chaos Project

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does LO/FC really run under Linux? I've never tried it yet, cause I heard from lots of sources that Wine doesn't work with it... BTW I'll try them (both FC and BS).


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