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X52 NonPro Profile


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Updated 12-16-08 v0.6


Here is my Work in progress, might be a good place to start to at least build your own.. I haven't gotten around to testing the Collective Spotlight Slew yet, but should work..


This also has a profile included for the Saitek Gamers Keyboard command pad.


The only requirement is you have "Enable Clutch Mode" checked in the Gamers Control Panel. This makes the clutch a working button.. Or remove the assignment from the profile.


Things i'll probably change in the future is remove the Wheel brake from the POV2 , i tried to match the Cyclic as close as possible.


also one note is Trigger = Cannons, Trigger 2 = Release Weapons..



DCS Blackshark v0.5.pro (PDF View)

DCS Blackshark v0.6.pr0 (PDF View) (ChangeLog)

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Added Version v0.6
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damn the sst say that it contains no profile for my x52 and so it cannot profil my x52, thus it a non pro one...

i'll try to make one clean and see the differences between the 2 files

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