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Editing camera position


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Does anybody know how to edit position of the camera in the outside view? In particular, for movie making purpose I would like to be able to move the camera on different positions of the helicopter, for example to “put it” on the wing top.

I actually found two ways to do it, but none of them is effective.

First one is to increase x, y and z limits of 6DOF in 1C\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Config\View\Server.LUA. That way, using RShift+RCtrl+Num1 to 9 in F1 view, you can actually get the camera out of the cockpit, but unfortunately, when you do that cockpit details are superimposed over fuselage even when outside.

The other way is to change F4 camera position in the same Server.LUA file by changing coordinates of RearCameraPos. This way works fine, but still big problem is the fact that to apply changes of those coordinates, you have to quit the flight, and then start it again. Then, in case you want to put the camera on some very precise location, you will have to make number of adjustments of those coordinates, and that takes time.

So, what I’m asking is, is there more effective way to move camera position, for example by using RShift+RCtrl+Num1 to 9 in F4 view.



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