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A lot of Jerks in the game, memory problem ?


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Bug description:


The landscape is moving with a lot of jerks (micro-freezes ?)


Steps to reproduce / Conditions of occurence


All was going perfectly since i installed a game : The Witcher, witch needs modifications of the virtual memory (i had to increase it) to work properly.


But now, DCS Black Shark has problem of playing with a lot of jerks.

It happen all the time, even playing solo, just my helicoptere on an airfield.

I uninstalled "the Witcher" and I set the virtual memory as it was before, but it just reduced the jerks a little .

I tried to re-install BS, but it's still the same now.



PC Configuration


1. Processor : Intel core2duo E6850 @ 3Ghz

2. Motherboard : Asus Striker Extrem

3. RAM : 4x 1Go corsair XMS PC6400 dual channel

4. Video Card and Driver version : Asus 8800GTX with drivers Nvidia 180.48

5. Type of CD/DVD drive : DVD burner Samsung

6. Internet connection type and performance : 1024 k/s

7. Control devices : Saitek X52, Saitek rudder pedals

8. Operating System and installed updates/service packs : Windows Vista SP1

9. DirectX version : 10, i installed DX9C when i installed BS but i dont know witch one BS uses.





I saw that :

System Performance

Q: Tell us about DCS: Black Shark and Vista. It seems the team is clearly more comfortable with it running on Windows XP judging by the campaign menu’s “WARNING! This campaign is designed for high-end Windows XP systems and is not compatible with Windows Vista”. Can you elaborate on the Windows XP versus Vista discussion and DCS: Black Shark?

A: Given some limitations of how Vista handles memory, we’ve found that XP provides better performance for very large missions. While most users will have no problems, we wanted to put a disclaimer for the English campaign because several of the missions are quite large and tests have shown that some Vista users encountered problems. We have relayed this issue to Microsoft and we hope that the next Vista service pack will address this issue.


Could you develop what sort of problems occured with the memory ? I didn't find anything about it on this forum, and i would like to be informed of it.


Thanks in advance.

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