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Alpha grip cursor switch problem....


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Hi, clumsily entering my sim pit, I managed to snag the cursor switch on my shirt and pull it free of the grip......it has a larger surround than the hole it came out of, is ther an easy way to get this put back? 


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System specs: PC1 :Scan 3XS Ryzen 5900X, 64GB Corsair veng DDR4 3600, EVGA GTX 3090 Win 10, Quest Pro, Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo monitor. Tir5. PC2 ( Helo) Scan 3XS Intel 9900 K, 32 GB Ram, 2080Ti, 50 inch Phillips monitor

 F/A-18C: Rhino FFB base with Virpil Alpha grip, Winwing MP 1, F-18 throttle, TO & Combat panels, MFG crosswind & DFB Aces  seat :cool:                       

Viper: WinWing MFSSB base with F-16 grip, Winwing F-16 throttle, plus Vipergear ICP. MFG crosswind rudders. 

Helo ( Apache) set up: Virpil collective with Alpha grip, Cyclic : Virpil CM3 base Z extension & TM F18 grip, MFG crosswind rudders, Total controls AH64 MFD's,  Xbox TEDAC. 


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