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Howdy Folks,

Ole retired Army fart here who enjoys casual flying in DCS. I've been flying flight sims for about 30 years, even started my private pilots license a few years back and still working on it. Currently I'm full time in an RV as I just retired the 2nd time from the Army. I was dumb enough to come off active duty and go right back for more as a DA Civilian for 10 years. So, saying that my "cockpit" is limited though I do have a desktop and sticks. No peddles yet and waiting on Track IR to show up. This is also my first time in jets, I've been a "Corsair" guy for a long time, so the F14 is more my style than the fly by wire yank and banks. I've got 5 or 6 air frames on here. My son also flies under my account, so you'll see him in the yank and banks. I'm in the Tomcat trying to hone my skills with it. Running X-56's right now, but hope to upgrade to VKB F-14 and some rudder peddles. I'll look for a complimentary throttle when time permits, but co-mingling funds and limited budget these will be slow. RV renovations, buying land in TN and building a house fund are co-mingling with my fun funds, that and two project cars, a 91 Land Rover Defender 110 import from England with a 2.5 TDI and a CJ3B Willy's. Currently located in Texas for the winter at the in Laws.



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