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Can´t start from ground on caucasus map


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placing the spitfire for "start on ground" usually works pretty well on every map. As it seems except Caucasus.

Here, every spitfire i place as client to start from a ground position cannot be entered. Instead when selected, you see the cockpit for some seconds, then you get swung out in external view of the next plane. Looking at the map, spitfire is standing where it should be, you can select external view F2 again but still can´t enter it with F1.

Placing the plane on any parking position works fine, it´s only the start from ground having these issues and as far as i can see just the spitfire. Did several tests with FW190a/d, BF109, P47, P51, Mosquito, all fine.

Anyone else seeing this ? Every other map i use is fine: Nevada, Syria, Channel, SouthAtlantic, Mariana, PGulf, etc. no issues here.

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