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Does the Carrier ever get move?

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2 hours ago, mrstacks2152 said:

Thanks for the campaign I am enjoying it but after we destroy the smaller islands does the carrier ever mover closer to Iran, the flights are long lol just asking..


Thank you for you message. According to the story-line the aircraft carrier stays at a safe distance outside the range of Iranian anti-ship missiles and it won't move closer. True reason is of course that because of dynamicity of the campaign air superiority and air defense level is not known before player feeds them in at begining of the mission. And it wouldn't be very realistic to drive the carrier close to active enemy airbase or air defense sites. 

It's true that flights will be longer at the end part of the campaign. Usually still not more than hour unless you attack against most northern air bases. Missions are still just a minor part of real world missions lasting hours with multiple AARs. 

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