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[BUG] Minor RWR Audio Gripe


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Hey, this is more of a minor complaint about how the RWR audio functions in the F-14. Currently, there is a very small pause right after RWR tone 4 is played leading into any of the other tones, but the same does not happen between any of the tones to each other and even to tone 4. I'm not sure if this is correct to whatever documentation you have, but it does seem a little odd. And according to the documentary Wings originally aired on Discovery in the 90s, this doesn't seem to be correct behavior for the ALR-67.


Note: I know the aircraft used here is the Hornet, but I would assume basic functionality like this is probably the same with the same sensor suite across different airframes. I also know this is an extremely minor issue, but I think this will help pilots out a little in heavy threat areas.

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