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First off, fantastic map already. This is easily my favourite map.

1: *Fast* bug fixes. Bug fixes early for major issues will help immensely in adoption. Namely things like pathfinding for AI units, Carrier tacan telling me things are behind me and moving when clearly they are in front of me(DCS issue or Sinai, I am still not sure), and I could be dumb, but night time runway lighting won't turn on for me calling ATC to request landing. I would hate to see such a good map burn players (and importantly mission makers) out because of bugs. Truly a fantastic map.

2: Trains. I might be blind, but the map entirely lacks the train network for the area?

3: more famous landmarks like catacombs/temples/bridges/famous buildings. Stuff you would see in "20 places you should visit in X country" lists. There is a ton of them already, keep them coming!

4: a better highest-LoD for the pyramids once you get close, they are a bit.. off. It holds up great until you get within a hundred or so meters. They are THE first thing everyone goes to stare at up close. Minor nitpick probably.

Thanks for all the effort that has, and will continue to go into this great map.

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