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General input profile vs diff.lua profiles


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Hello guys, I can't find the answer to the purpose of this general input profile. What is it, when and how does it work?

I'd assume it is some kind of default to which diff.lua for a particular airplane is added - but this seems NOT to be the case, because I have some camera/snap views redefined in General profile but it doesn't work at all for a new plane I get in DCS. Instead, some kind of "mysterious" default (which probably can be found somewhere in the installation directory) is applied and the diff.lua starts from there.

That diff.lua is also a bit fishy - you can't simply save it and then edit it - because the things not modified are simply not there. Some option to save non-diff (complete) profile would be great, but in the end I can work around diff.lua mechanics as well.

But when does the General profile apply - this is still puzzling me.

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