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Project "TBD" (New squadron, Combined Arms, air modules, Strategy and complex tactics, mil-sim) - All are Welcome


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Project "TBD"

Hello everyone,

I would like to start a new “virtual squadron”, and I invite all DCS World fans to join me — at least in the discussion, for now. It would be a rather new kind of group. This is an attempt to create something completely new; a True Combined Arms experience:


-I suggest to you all the idea of taking advantage of ALL of DCS's assets in a PvP, mil-sim, systematic/rule-based environment.


-This new game would have to involve Confined Arms, air modules, tactical commanders; then, there would also be the to need to coordinate these with strategic thinking and complex tactics.


-Each member’s role should be whatever it is that they do best, or whatever it is that they’d like to learn, practice, etc.


-There’s a place here for any specialty, any level of involvement, any background knowledge, any chosen interest—as long as it contributes to shared goals, and acknowledges the GAME’S NATURE.


The above been said, how do we achieve this in a committed manner, where both teams can battle in equal conditions? I think I have the/an answer. All branches of the army need to be involved, and work towards a shared goal. This is consistent with any/most would-be re-enactments of past conflicts, as well as hypothetical ones.


I’ll explain below.




I think we have to thank Coppola’s Full Metal Jacket for the line “the infantry wins wars, […]” (paraphrasing, I couldn’t actually find the line, so it may be from another movie). There’s also a very compelling article at Spslandforces’ website under the heading “Infantry — the indispensable factor” (read it up if you can, QI). The point I’m trying to make is fairly obvious by now. The infantry should be placed at the centre of the game, it should be the most important element, and the only absolutely essential.


If you think this is a bizarre idea, please let explain:


If the infantry is the most important unit (let’s suppose for now), and it needs to enter combat, it should be defended/assisted by IFVs, APCs, and other similar light-to-medium armour vehicles. All of the above are certainly vulnerable in some circumstances, so they’ll need others to protect them, like MBTs, heavy artillery, transport and reconnaissance helicopters, etc. If we continue with the same logic, the latter group will also need support; this can be as attack helicopters protecting MBTs, Infantry or light-armoured Anti Tank units, etc. Continuing along, all of the above need protection from air threats, right? Interceptors would protect them from enemy bombers or attackers; friendly attackers would assist all of them in achieving their goals, as CAS. If we continue upwards, we would need air superiority and air defences that protect them all. The Navy should fit here somewhere 😕 It all can be imagined as an inverted pyramid, with the Infantry at the bottom, and those that protect the most units at the top; Air Superiority, in this case.


This way, having made the infantry indispensable, all other assets of all kinds became necessary too. We therefore need to coordinate them all, with the only goal of winning the game, as I suggested at the beginning. This is an ACTUAL Combined Arms scenario. And I think it is quite doable, and it would only need a small, simple “trigger system” (No need for complex scripts, mods, etc.): If the game is won by the team that achieves X => and the only “unit type” allowed to interact with X, is the infantry… Easy.


Furthermore, think of a “king of the hill” game, but this game has three hills: each “hill” is a village (or something similar) in DCS; each village is a trigger-zone (as big as the village itself), it is set in the trigger system that, in order to score, the infantry present within it has to be either Red or Blue, not both, not none of them. It is clear that in order to score, one team has to drive the other out of the village—with the support above-mentioned. If the Blue team scores two villages, and the Red scores only one village, the Blues win.


The scope of this game, as I propose it, would mean we can organically model, simulate, or create anew, a war-game as realistic as it could ever be in a computer simulation. Mixing the high fidelity, and great physics (I’m thinking of ballistics, mostly; I know they lack in other areas) with real terrains, weather, and other conditions, we can achieve a near-perfect simulation.


Please post your comments and discuss if the idea has picked your curiosity 🙂



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I read your information.  It sounds like you are attempting to create an all-inclusive platform that includes various military branches.  You list "king of the hill" as one kind of simulation.  Do you plan on adding fixed and rotary or just stay strictly with soldiers and tanks?

Mike Force Team

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