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I've had DCS installed for may years but have never really had the time delve into the depths of learning an aircraft in detail. Initial forays into VR were less than satisfying. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I now have a Reverb G2 and a newly purchased RTX 4090, then multithreading came along plus XR Composite. here we go...

I've been tweaking again. Almost a fulltime hobby when it comes to VR settings.  Had a few issues with the multithreading exe.

This is what I discovered after much tweaking and fiddling.

Set the WMR pixel density setting to 150%

Set the open XR settings to 100% no sharpening, sharpening set to CAS.

Motion reprojection set to on and capped at 45 FPS in the in game open XR menu

Open Composite off

Native XR default line added to the DCS.exe MT shortcut.

DCS settings in game pretty much as per the gamersbynight web page.

I assumed that setting the pixel density to 150% would kill the frame rate. Nope, not a bit. No change at all .

My processor is an i7-10700k @ 3.80GHz

Next problem was XR Neck safer, could not get it to work.

Steps I took.

Use Native OpenXR. 

Reactivate XRNS Open XR API layer  in the XRNS program ( this was deactivated to avoid the upside-down VR menus, but it looks like that is resolved and or fixed by using native OpenXR).

Start XRNS before WMR (not sure if this important or not, still need to try the alternatives)

Into WMR and hit the dcds.exe mt shortcut.

46 FPS all day long in the free flight missions, even flying low over the Marianas Islands.

the gamechanger for me was the 150% setting in WMR. Everything in the cockpit is now laser sharp and crystal clear. 

Right, I'm off to kick the tyres and light the fires.



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