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Multi screen clouds issue.


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I'm new to DCS.  First post, so I hope this is in the right category.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to fix this.  I've Googled for days and cannot find an answer or anyone with a problem exactly like mine.  I have a 4 screen setup, which works beautifully except the clouds.  The 2 middle screens are flawless, but the 2 outer screens seem to have the clouds at a different size than the screen. 

The 2 inner screens are 24" (1920x1080 native) and the 2 outer screens are 22" (1680x1050 native).  Everything is fine except the clouds.  Changing from Low, Standard, High or Ultra makes no difference in the cloud's width on the screen.

Any help would be appreciated.


Right Screen Clouds.jpg

Left Screen Clouds.jpg

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For anyone who has the same problem, I found what I was looking for in DCS 2.7 and Multi Res Monitors.  

Basically, what did it for me was setting all monitors to the same resolution (1920x1080) in the .lua file.  To make it work, the initial x,y had to be set to -240,0.  

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