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Linux WIne Proton support for DCS stand alone authorisation login screen


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I am aware that Wine often rejects improper code that Windows would brute force through, I would love to see proper DCS login authorisation window support for Proton + Linux outside of Steam client DCS, assuming user is using Proton to a reasonable level, and resolution of bugs reported on ProtonDB re steam and stand alone client compatibility.

I believe this would increase DCS market share for skilled and experienced users.

I'd also like to see Linux server support - but don't expect to see any honest arguments with actual supporting evidence to prove that Windows I/O has parity when it comes to accessing large files etc, and general server speed, in order to increase the probability of "Scud Storm" and "Their Bravest Hour" missions done properly, but that is perhaps not a discussion for here - same with DXVK vs DX11/12 arguments/debates.

I do not expect Rehsade compatibility, so don't worry about that.

Thanks for your time.

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