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FM Bug with rearming multiple times


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I encountered this bug earlier, but didnt think anything of it until I read a post by Taerdyn in other topic.


This bug has a couple of parts it seems. one is jettisoning stores can cause the airframe to start rolling uncontrollably, blacking the pilot out.

Second part is after jettisons/dropping weapons, and rearming, it seems the weight of the airframe is being reduced by the weight of the stores you dropped.


Attached is multiple logs and track files of the separate events. the final log is the one where the flight model got absolutely busted, and its a long one. it took time between take offs and landings to get the bug to really stand out.


I've been able to reproduce this 100% of the time


Towards the end, i could almost hover in the aircraft at about 30kias, and half throttle would catapult me to mach 1 at sea level almost instantly.

dcs.log.old Drop tank bug f15.trk dcs.log Drop tank bug f15 2nd time.trk Jettison bug f15 part 2.trk f15 jettison fm bug.trk dcs Jettison.log

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I tried several alternative methods to reproduce this bug, including:

- Turning on Unlimited Weapons and repeatedly dropping or jettisoning stores

- Rearming and emergency jettisoning immediately on the ground repeatedly before flying


Unfortunately these "shortcuts" do not reproduce it, and it seems to only happen after you do things the "real" way as seen in the tracks above: Takeoff with a loadout, drop/jettison it, land and rearm, then repeat. Each flight will gradually break the flight model more, until it eventually becomes unstable enough to cause over-G / pilot blackout / departures from flight etc. 

With an average loadout it will not take more than 5 flights before it becomes very noticeable.

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