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Syntax for DCS.EXE

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Hi all,


I am having a hard time finding a dedicated server provider that has 3dvideo cards in their rack mounted servers(hardly any server manufacturer builds rack mounted servers with them, they are not needed for 99.9% of the applications out there). I found a dedicated server provider that I would like to use, but they don't offer servers with 3dcards. So, I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to launch DCS.EXE without launching the GUI and...does anybody know what the arguments would be? If I could get the application to launch without the GUI and run in "server" mode that would be perfect. I am really interested in the "-s --dostring" and "--net" portion.


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Sorry, i have no idea if DCS Black Shark will work in a Mode without the GUI.


But it would be a great improvement to implement this possibility into DCS Simulations.


And correct me if i am wrong, but many many Players wrote that in the Forum into the "WISHLIST" Thread.


But it seems the programmers of Black Shark didnt read that or they didnt want to implement that feature because of other reasons. :protest:

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best regards,



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There's a few years, i rent a dedicated server with Skypat for GTR (car simulation). At the begining, the deicated server need a directx 9 graphic card, and we found it to keyweb. Most of french team rent a server from keyweb which is a german firm.


Anyway, GTR don't interrest you, and i'm playing IL2 too. So, i tested IL2 in graphic mod, because dedicated server is only for dogfight.


On the intel integrated graphic card, i set graphic setting in 640x480, and evvery details on low. The server run fine.


I ran test with Falcon AF, and it was fine too.


So finding any server with a gaming card will be very hard, but you can test for one month what i've done.


Here is the keyweb site.



For having information about graphic card in dedicated server, we contacted them by mail.


Hope my experience can help you.


But i'm waiting a real dedicated server for BS which are not using graphical card.

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