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6 DOF emulation script with GlovePIE?


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Hey guys, I've been trying to make a script in GlovePIE that will do what DCS: BS does when you press the middle mouse button and move the mouse around (it gives you 6 DOF). The reason for this is so that I can have 6 DOF in Free Falcon 5 when running the script in GlovePIE, using my middle mouse button.


Does anyone have any ideas how I could make a script like this? Would really appreciate some help, thanks.


EDIT 1: this is what I'm looking to do (obviously not in pseudocode):


if(middle mouse button is pressed and mouse is moved left or right){

head position moves to the left or right in game


if(middle mouse button is pressed and mouse is moved forwards or backwards){

head position moves forwards or backwards in game



EDIT 2: Okay, I tried something like this in GlovePIE... but it doesn't seem to work. Although I feel like I'm on the right track:



Mouse.y = TrackIR.z

Mouse.x = TrackIR.x


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