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Need some Help


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Hi, I've completed most of the training missions, start up, flights, hover etc. all went ok


I started the campaign and the 1st mission Fam flight, i just can not get the heli of the ground. rotors are spinning etc but just no lift. I have to be doing something wrong? (i.e do i need to radio in to get something to activate to enable take off?) Spent hours and hours on this so far with no




(I tried hitting the R key, but that resulted in death!)



Cheers for any assistance.

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When moving your collective, ensure that the blade angle-of-attack meter at the lower left of the front panel is moving to indicate that your stick is correctly set up.


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throttle to AUTO, done.


its like i just have zero lift, i must be missing something


BTW, the heli is allready all throttled up and started when you get in with this mission.


driving me mad :)

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