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Large MP mission, units not hidden, Enable ABRIS/NAV = MP Client Crash


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The compressed title tries to explain a certain condition and result.

I've built a couple of large missions, and experienced crashes while flying online in a Server and 1-8 clients environment. So we started to investigate (thanks to JG14Smil, Havoc, Pred, Winstrol and you others).


We think we have narrowed it down enough to inquire if this is a bug that has been detected and fixed for 1.0.1 or if it's a issue that hasnt been reported yet.


EDIT: Client Crash means:

Crash to desktop / DCS.exe crashes (report to microsoft etc) - .crash dumps produced in the \Temp folder. All the variants of DCS-program crash.

We can produce .crash files on request, but due to the inquiry it's not attached at this stage.

Note: Server does NOT crash.


Here's the mission you need to cause a crash:

- Build a large mission for MP, maintain "visible" on all units. (Do no hide in editor).

- Mission may need as many as 780+ units.

- Static units, buildings, Helicopters, Airplanes, FARP's, SAMS (Hawks/Patrits/Buk/Tor/etc).


Crash Conditions while using a large mission:

I was able to produce crash "using the server as a client" as well as other clients would crash if they did one of the following:

- Client connect, press fly, enable ABRIS/NAV map.

- Or successfully enabled map/nap on ABRIS, then Zoom Out "too much".


Workaround testing:

To try to find a workaround for this issue we tested the following:

- Did not enable ABRIS/NAV and flew "blind". No client crashes.

- Hid most of the units, but left the SAMS visible for both sides (RED & BLUE). Still crashed.

- Put the "Client Startup" in different locations, while having "some units" visible (Mostly SAM to show threats on ABRIS). Location affected the crash - some loaded fine, others crashed quite rapidly (before they could enable the ABRIS at all). Location determined crash if SAM threats visible on ARBIS.


In the end we "visible = false" for all units/statics - and we could fly without too many (or any) crashes.


What we tested to eliminate "server side problems":

- Loaded up a few stock MP missions (PvP), tested ABRIS/NAV and Zoom Out - no crashes for any clients.


MP Clients:

- We had folks using XP, Win7 and Vista. Both 32bit and 64bit.

More details can be produced on request.

MP Server:

- My own computer, Win7 x64 as shown in my signature.


This first post is an inquiry to check if this problem has been reported - and/or if it's been dealth with in 1.0.1


Inputs appreciated :)

NOTE: Missions can/will be provided per request if the issue hasnt been detected or reported.

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