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NewBie: available upgrading of this game


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I bought this game in 2005 but, didn't play due to low computer config. However now I recently started to play and found it's a great game ever made interms of almost everything.

I didn't download any patches (upgrading) ,although I don't know whether it's available or not.

I wish to know what is the game upgrading (patches) or any new file new mission released?

Also wanna know that what the patches (upgrading) are for ?


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I assume it's LockOn:Flaming Cliffs you mean?


This is the correct forum for it; Lock On

Here you can download files for it; http://lockon.co.uk/index.php?end_pos=135&scr=products&lang=en

You want to look for the 1.12 patch then :)


(This post will be moved to the correct forum shortly, I assume )

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If you bought in 2005 you might have any one of several versions, so check first what you already have, look at this thread which gives you information about which version you currently have.




I'm guessing you have the basic Lockon and are currently on version 1.0 or 1.01, so you should patch up to 1.02. CombatAce has the patches for that (either v1.0->1.02 or v1.01->v1.02)



Note that once you are up to v1.02 then the weapon firing for American aircraft changes. Spacebar will only fire the cannon, need to use the ENTER key to fire rockets, bombs, missiles. Russian jets are not affected by patch v1.02


There is a payware addon called Flaming Cliffs (aka FC, aka v1.10). Initially that was only available as a payware download. Later there was a release on a single disk, but not into regular shops, only to specialist Flight Sim internet stores.


Almost all the folks who fly online use FC. So if you wish to join them, you need to get FC.

There are patches available that take FC from v1.10 up to v1.12b bu they are for FC ONLY so dont get confused and try to apply those patches to your basic Lockon as they will screw it up.


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