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Streams and vehicles


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Having some issues with DCS when trying to simulate sort of armored US assault in it.


1) Even the smallest stream stops every single thing on its tracks. Even LVTP-7 was unable to cross a stream on a flatland that was about as wide as the vehicle is long. Neither did BTR-80s, Bradleys, etc.


2) Which leads us to bridges. Given that the attack has to proceed over bridges i had to move it like a convoy. Which ends up in disaster nearly every time. Either a vehicle is hit while it is on the bridge or even on the ramps of the bridge which appears to be an impassable obstacle for the rest of the convoy or then lucky missile or arty hit takes out the bridge - Streams and riversor even leaves a crater on to the ramps - (a) leaving tanks and vehicles hanging in the air and (b) again stopping the whole convoy.


3) Occasionally when tanks are driving on relatively narrow ledge and evading already destroyed unit (either burning wreck or something which i guess is a crater) they happily run of the cliff but do not fall down. Instead they are left hanging from a edge of the cliff sometimes but unable to move or do anything effectively stopping the convoy once again.


So... Are there any ways to either force the ai to cross streams or are there some specific places where amphibious units can cross the rivers? Or are there methods to force bridge to be indestructible? Or are there methods to either force ai to run over existing wreckage or use smaller evasion distance?

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Same Problem... Bump!


My second post, and I am bringing the dead back to life. :notworthy: Shame on me but this one needs an answer, not only because it was asked but also because I have the same problem.


I got some Russian T-80s just ITCHING to cross this puny little "stream" to tangle with some American M1s. Pity that these beautiful machines of death and chaos can't cross this "stream." If they do cross, does that mean total protonic reversal? :shocking:


I tried telling them both to go across the nice bridge that was provided, but somehow the Tanks use some sort of phase shifting technology to "fall" through the bridge's edge and straight through into the stream. Odd... :huh:


Anyways I hope I am not beating a dead horse here but if I missed this topic elsewhere somehow, please accept my apologies and direct me to the answers! Thanks a bunch and may the Vikhrs be with you! :thumbup:


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