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How to make the jets spawn on the ramp?

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Has anyone managed to get all aircraft to spawn lined up on a parking ramp at any of the new airports in FC2?


Placing static objects to occupy spawn points won't work since you cannot place them inside bunkers, which means your client controlled airplanes can still end up inside of one.


I've unsuccessfully tried adding the same number of clients planes as the airbase will hold (total # of parking areas) only to find that when I change the aircraft that spawns where I want it to be to the correct type and tail #, it sometimes spawns in a "non-spawnable" area on the base (such as the grass between a taxiway and the runway) and explodes upon mission start (bug!).


This is incredibly annoying. I've successfully parked the jets only at Anapa and Kobuleti so far (by virtue of the parking ramp being used by default at those locations). While building a mission for Kutaisi or Tshakaya for example, I've yet to be able to place the jets on a ramp together anywhere. Maybe I'm missing something simple here, but has anyone else figured this out yet?


@ED, please add a feature in the ME that let's you choose which spawn point for each jet to use on each airbase!!! This is just ridiculous...


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