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Simulation level - gameplay of FC2

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Hi, I play FC2 since LOMAC back in 2004. I also fly the Black Shark well... Since those years I have earn a lot of knowledge in combat and in civil aviation. I play the F4AF for a long time now and I have some questions about FC2.


Ok, I know that FC2 does not simulate the planes as much as F4AF does with the F-16 but there are some questions for me.... How does the community report their location while in navigation? For example, is there any reference points like VORs or any Bulls-Eye report system? Is there any datalink in any of FC2 planes? I know that there is datalink in Black Shark but here, how am I supposed to know where my wingmen are when we are merged...? How does FC2 and the community here communicate in this modern warfare environment with each other?


Im not saying anything bad about FC2 cause its a great project, I just ask the way you do these things above...


Intel i7 960 3.2Ghz / 6GB RAM / GTX 470 / Windows7 64bit

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