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Freeze / Crash on specific Mission


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I'm having problems on mission 3 of the Deployment campaign (Stronghold). Shortly after I arrive at waypoint 2 and begin moving towards WP 3 the graphics freeze but sound does not. It is perfectly reproducable on my side.

The crash isn't always the same. Today I had the system report that the graphics driver isn't being executed properly, yesterday it just froze and I had to kill BS.


I am patched to 1.02 and don't have any mods installed. I am running WinXP 32 on a C2D 8500 with 3GB mem and an ATI 4850. I have attached the crashes from today and yesterday (since the faults seemed to originate from different DLLs) and the DxDiag info.


I realize that this could be anything but it only happens to me in BS and so far only in that specific mission. Otherwise my system is completely stable. Would be cool if someone had any info on this. I can provide any info you may still need :).


Thanks !


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