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Hi All,


I bought the original Lock On way back when but never really played it, I bought Lock On Gold when it came out but never really played it.


(I realise it is not Win7 compatible but many of my other games run OK on Win7)


I recently built a new PC and decided to install Lock On Gold. On Win7 x64 the first disk installed OK and Lock on started up but there is a problem with the graphics, the terain is multi coloured. After much messing about I managed to install the second disk which contains FC. In the end I had to run it in WinXP SP2 compatibility mode to install it. I got a message about Starforce needing to reboot the PC. I rebooted the PC and now my PC won't start. On startup I get the message that windows is trying to repair the problem but it can't be fixed and gives me the option to shut down the PC, that's it. It won't even start in Safe Mode!


Has anyone encountered this problem?


I know some of you are playing FC OK with Win7, anyone tried it with Lockon Gold?


My Specs are:


Windows 7 Home Premium x64 DX11

Intel Core i3 2.93GHz @ 4.00GHz

Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev2 CPU cooler

Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H DDR3 Motherboard

Corsair XMS3 (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5850

OCZ GameXtreme 700w PSU

Antec 1200 Case

Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset


Grateful for any thoughts while I try to work this out.

I guess it will be that starforce garbage but if I can't even boot in safe mode don't know what I will do to remove or update it.






EDIT: Earlier this evening I ordered FC 2 and the manual, I just read the FAQ and it states it uses Starforce protection, guess I will have to cancel my order unless I can be convinced it poses absolutely no problem.


BTW, I detest piracy.


I have bought legitimate copies of all the software I own, I've even donated to freeware developers of my other hobby MSFS. I understand developers have to protect their software but the pirates will always crack the protection. The pirates are now playing FC illegally without problems while my PC is U/S.

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FC2 is not using the same Starforce protection as previously. The developer is the same - but it's another product. The old one is horrible, while the new one - well, you wont notice it at all except when it asks for your serial. You can find quite tens or hundres posts about that if you check :)


As FC1, be sure to check that you got the patches you need.


Patch 1.12b for "LockOn 1.1: Flaming Cliffs" simulator

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Hi Panzertard,


Thanks for the reply, sorry it took a while but been busy.


I have received my copy of FC2 and the manual so no need for FC1 now. Still not keen on loading a game with Starforce but if you say it's OK then I will give it a try. I would avoid any other games with it on though.


However, I can't play it yet because my (less than one month old) graphics card mysteriously stopped working at the same time those old SF drivers stopped my PC from booting.


Had read about those old SF drivers (EDIT: should say "Allegedly") :) causing hardware failures, hope this was just a coincidence.


Went to boot up the PC to reinstall windows but got a blank screen.


Had to RMA it, waiting for replacement. I am looking forward to playing FC2 when I am able.


Got an old gfx card in for now but will wait for my RMA.






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