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My problem with the zoom and my solution


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I try to explain in my bad english the problem i had with the zoom when i change to Flaming Cliffs and the solution that i get for that.


First I must say that i have the zoom set to the rotatory switch 1 in the X45 throttle.


When i changed to 1.1 the default view was so close in all the planes especially in the Su-25T.


I tried the trick to change the default view in the 1.1 but the problem was still there because the zoom is in the rotatory.


When i changed the default view it works,.., when i pressed the 'enter' in the numpad the zoom went to the settled angle, but instantly it changes to the position that i had in the rotatory.


And of course,..., with the rotatory in middle, the view angle did'nt coincide with the settled view default angle,..


That was a big trouble for me. I tried and tried to change values but nothing worked....


Finally a light iluminate my mind,..., if the rotatory sends always his position to the sim, i only must change the value sended,...


Elementally my dear Watson,...



How can we do it?


If the rotatory goes from 0 to 100 (for example), and the view angle limit goes from 20 to 120,...if we change this limit we change the value in the middle of the rotatory...


EUREKA!! it works,...




I had a close close view, so i changed the minimal angle limit raising it and the view went more far. Try and fail, try and fail and finally i get the correct settings to have my favourite view angle with the rotatory in the middle.


If you have the same problem, what can you do?


First backup the file ...\Lock On\Config\View\view.lua


Open it and find this block


-- Camera view angle limits {view angle min, view angle max}.

CameraViewAngleLimits = {}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_33] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_25] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_39] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29K] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iA_10] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iF_15] = {20.0, 120.0}



Change the value (max or min depending your needs) for the plane you want.


Try until you get the value for your wanted view angle.



I hope that this helps someone with the zoom and the rotatory of the X45 joy.






Escuadrón Cruz de San Andrés - http://www.cruzdesanandres.com

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Hi all and ESA_PIRAO.


Thanks for the tweak. I have wanted something like this for a while now. You may want to view this link:




It helped me and I bet it will help quite a few other folks too. I believe I made it clear that you should get all the credit for this. Thanks again for the tweak. -KILSEK

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