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? about units and coalitions.

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Hi all.


I have a US B-1 trying to take of from an airbase. Usually that is not a problem until now. At that same airbase are the 1L13 EWR and the 55G6 EWR. The EWR's are tasked Primary, Object, with the object being the Saki airfield. In 1.02 I use to task them to defend the airfield, but with 1.1 that option is not there so I figured task them like that and I should get the same result. That result being that they will be the GAI radar if and when I need them to.


I gave them that setting as a default so that the AAA/SAM's template I created would not need any adjusting. All I would have to do is place the AC, task them, and off they go. This is not the case. The EWR's are Ukranian and the B-1 is US, both at the same airfield. When I set the B-1 to take-off (either from the runway or parking) it does not and never does appear. It will appear if I set them to start (at altitude) as a turning point. Now I found out that once I untask the EWR's the B-1 can and will take-off from the same airfield.


My questions are:

Is this a bug are is this the way it is supposed to be? That units from a different country, even though they are on the same side of the coalition, will not work together?

I am wrong in thinking that I do not need to task the EWR's and that they will work with AC launched from that same airfield tasked for GAI?


Thanks, -KILSEK

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