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Cannot get game to start


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So I installed BS and cannot get it to start. I get the menu's but when I choose instant action/training/mission etc the launcher closes then a bit later the log book pops up with zero stats. I see the DSC.exe running in my task manager after the launcher closes but it shuts down before actually opening then the menu's come back up.


Anyone know what might cause this?

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Same problem here doing same thing, but i get 3 windows appear, launcher.exe has stopped working, and blackshark has stopped working, i close those, another blackshark has stopped working window pops up, close that, then i get a debreifing with 0 stats appear.


I was running DCS Blackshark with no problems at all before, i just uninstalled, upgraded my graphics card from a Radeon X1950Pro to a NVidia GTX 460 Super OC. Then reinstalled.


Oh and i installed 1.02 over 1.00, before i was using 1.01c.


wierd i hit refly while on the debreifing screen, and mission loads fine. went back to main menu after the mission, and missions can now launch okay from main menu. Deffo sounds like a programming error, nothing to do with my setup but the game/patch itself

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