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Camera view - Moving instead of rotating


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Hi all,


I thought I ask the experts!

I am now pretty familiar with external camera views, rotating, moving, zooming etc BUT :


Is there a way to move the camera in the PF2 view instead of rotating it always around the center of the aircraft?


I was already trying everything but was not able to move the camera (parallel to the aircraft). At the key definition a combination of CTRL+KEYPAD 1-9 should do that but that doensn't work at all in PF2 view (does that work anyhow?)


I am trying to make some cool cockpit views but want to do it in PF2 view and NEED this move instead of rotate!!! I want a shot from behind the pilot (over his shoulder!!) to see the cockpit very close with all the instruments etc.


I did it in the terrain view with PF11 - where you can move the camera all over and stop etc. That works for planes on an airfield but how should I find a aircraft somewhere in the sky or on a carrier with PF11? So I have to use PF2 - I think.




Many thanks






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