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Problem with Freetrack, 32-bit


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Hi there guys and girls,


I am experiencing an odd behavior with my FreeTrack 3-points cap.

Whenever I am looking up/down inside the cockpit, the view not only moves along the pitch axis, but also at the same time along to the Z-Axis. Which means if am for example looking up, the view also moves to the very front of the HUD while at the same time looking at an positive/upside angle - and if I'm looking down the view slides all way back to the seat while the view is pointed at the same time to the aicrafts cabin floor.


So, I did test what would happen if I would try to re-assign the (particular) axe(s) in controls setup. The result was, that i cannot get the pitch axis to get automatically detected at all, while moving my head up/down along the pitch axis in the adjustment window. I tried countless times to do so. Instead (if any), the Z-axis will always be detected by the program.


The thing is that it works without problems in FSX. There it behaves as it should - both axes working independently.


I've used TrackIRFixer v1.2.0.17 to patch the newinput.dll file. Maybe the issue is somehow related to TrackIRfixer? I dont really think so, because I am sure that if that would be the case, it would be widely known and discussed by other FreeTrack users already, at this forums or on the web.


Please, has anyone any ideas how I can get it properly working or what could be the cause for this? :cry:




As always: sorry for my poor english skills, however I think/hope you can still basically understand what I'm talking about... ;) :D Thanks again!

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Couple of things to check:


- If things look ok inside Freetrack but only show the problem on DCS, then you should try setting to default the TrackIR axis on the Axis Commands in the DCS options, to make sure they haven't been changed by mistake.


- On Freetrack maybe you have a different profile being detected for DCS with some options set wrong, try deleting that profile and start over.

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Thanks for your reply Le0kong,


somehow I've managed to get it working.


I played a little with the values for model measurements & position in FreeTrack and now DCS does detect movements on the pitch axis. I'm not sure if the values I changed are correct (plus as I've mentioned before, it was working in FSX correctly without touching these options in Freetrack, I don't get it...), but I guess who cares as long as it does function as "desired". ^^


... It's not perfect, but it is still a lot better than before. Especially in combination with a light/medium soft curve on the Z-axis I was able to reduce the problem even more.


At least I do know now some more or less stable basic settings I can rely on for further optimizations. :)

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