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Dynamic/moving deadzones?

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This thought only recently entered my mind, but I think that, if possible, the result of this concept could be an excellent help to any users of the Saitek X65-F, or any sticks in the future that sense pressure, rather than move.


The issue with the X65 is that even pressing a button on it does apply force (naturally), and since it isn't a standard moving stick, you don't really know exactly how much to compensate for the input, and the plane veers in the direction of the pressure you applied. For example, when I press the POV hat forward, the plane dips down if I don't compensate (still not too great at that yet). If I'm in the middle of a turn, chasing an enemy and I need to switch weapons or acquire a lock in FC2, this issue could prove catastrophic and end in my (virtual) death.


That being said, what I was thinking about was a dynamic, or moving dead-zone that follows your stick. The best example would be in the old PS2 game "Killzone" (freaking amazing, and so were 2 and 3) when using the sniper rifle.


Here is a video demonstrating the behavior of the sniper rifle in the original game. Treat the crosshair as the coordinates for the xy input into the stick.





GAAAH HOW DO I EMBED STUFF?!?!? :mad::mad::mad::mad:


As you can see, the cross hair moves around without changing the actual angle of the screen, and only affects the screen angle/camera pov when it touches the edges. This allows for input to be made without moving the screen. Then treat that whole part as a circle on a larger input grid, where the circle follows your input crosshair (if you're in the diagnostic window thing)


Now, treat the entire screen as the dead-zone, and the very edges as the areas where input would be detected. On the X65, or any joystick, you have a little bit of wiggle room, REGARDLESS of your position, be it pulling up, diving, banking left, right, etc. before actual input is detected. You can now press buttons without affecting the flight path of the aircraft.



No thoughts? Anything? I think it'd be great if possible.

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