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Saitek X52 Pro - Wild Pitching Up - Please Help!!

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For a while I have been struggling with this problem....


I am flying along... everything is fine... then suddenly the aircraft will pitch violently upwards.


I have tried mapping the throttle to page up and page down and removed the Thrust = Z axis command in FC2. I have sticky keys turned off.... I have no idea what the problem could be!


If it helps... I think it might be something to do with RCtrl being stuck on somehow? as when the aircraft is pitching violently buttons that require RCtrl to be pushed work ok...


It may have something to do wit the throttle as when I increase power... the problem begins and stays... :helpsmilie:




Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!!! :doh:

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I have Saitek x-52 and I have noticed that sometimes when you move throttle you're joystick looses power and get it back. After quick study found that wire connector which goes from throttle to joystick is a bit loose. Solution was that I changed that wire other way around and problem fixed. Guess it would be better to change whole wire thou.

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