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Single player CAS mission - A meeting not well met


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Hello, all


I have finished the first 'complete mission' i have made in the editor. Prior to this i have only

made simple targetpractice missions.


This one is a CAS mission...You will provide support to a platoon of marines traveling in humvees sent out to meet local leaders and discuss the current situation in the area.


I have tried to keep this fairly simple to allow for good FPS even on computers that are not top of the line.


You are the only aircraft in the area and there are no more units on the airfields other than the default ones...


The mission is however not uneventful...Once you get ON STATION you will have things to do..


There are no random events but things will play out a bit diffrently dependent on what weapons you use and sometimes if you don't manage to kill assigned targets in time that will have consequences...


You will need to know how to make a waypoint out off coordinates given to you by groundunits and you will need to use the coms.menu F10 to communicate with the groundtroops..


I guess the difficulty level would be somewere between easy and medium. You will be fire upon but not by any top of the line SAM systems and you will need to be able to aquire targets rather quickly.


I have played this mission through a number of times and have not found any bugs...everything seems to work.


I hope some of you will enjoy it...Good hunting !

A meeting not well met.miz

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Thx Hayha


Glad you liked it...I have done a few more missions in the same spirit...You can find them in

the "KRASNODAR HITMEN" thread...


If you liked the first one...Download these to and give them a try...


Regards Repsol

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Finaly I had some time do fly the mission once again (the first time DCS crashed) and I like it very much!

As it went for me:


As they got ambushed I was able to take the first group out in one rocket pass. While flying away, one nasty Manpad took a shoot but with lot's of flears I was able to defend it. The next enemies, still in the same wood felt one GBU-12.

Then, the Ural/BTR-80 which showed up got the two Mavs and the last GBU-12. Now, as the convoy reached the city and reported some more enemies I really got in trubble slowly, because I didn't had much munition left.

So while I was trying to get the constant flow of text, I showed the ZU-23 what 30mm rounds are. As it died I lost about 5 lines of text, which were replaced by another short call, so I went guns against the two BMPs, which died in the first run. Then I saw another pair of BMPs near the village where the ZU-23 was, so I also went guns against those. This time it didn't worked so well, as one of them hit me right in the side, but (thanks to the titanium bathub) I didn't take too much damage, but I lost the right MFCD and the CDU and the TAD went also a little bit weired afterwards. Then at the same place as the BMPs died two trucks (looked like civil trucks ?) apeared, but they didn't stand a chance against the Avenger. :smilewink:

Then I tried to get myself in a good state again, and tried to figoure out if there is any target left. Shortly afterwards the convoy reached the heavy armed rescue convoy, and I was cleared to RTB ("mission success").

So I headed back to base, but the problem was, I didn't know where the base was. :D

I tried to get an aizmuth, but the tower refused to give me an answer (okay, obviously I was talking with the wrong airport (name) on the right frequency :music_whistling:), so I circled a little bit until I was able to spot the sea, at which the airport was located. On my way there I tried if I can get my CDU to work again, but as I tried to flip switches, I deactivated my EGI :P. So I had the HARS left, but I shortly afterwards, I started to fly only refering on the standby attitude indicator. But lastly I got the right airport name and I was able to land without any further problems.




I think it was a very nice mission, and makes a lot of fun. Only the addition of voiceovers could improve it anymore. :smilewink:



Check out my YouTube: xxJohnxx


Intel i7 6800k watercooled | ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 | 32 GB RAM | Asus GTX1080 watercooled

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