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BS2 crashing !!!


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Anyone had this situation?


BS1 bought and installed via Steam - plays 100% fine

BS2 upgrade bought and downloaded/installed direct from DCS - crashes when you try to load any mission/training - basically when you try and load the main game. It just crashes with a Black Shark 2 has stopped working message and then returns you to the Debriefing screen...


Settings have been tried on defaults - no joy, customised - no joy... it just wont work.

I have tried the /3Gb switch, reinstalling the June 2010 DirectX etc etc... still nada...

Uninstalled, cleaned Windows and resintalled - nope!

Deleted saved game folders - nope.


Soooo frustrating!!! :cry:

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Well bugger me!!


I just had a hunch.... unplugged my Saitek joystick... and it loads!!!


It doesn't like my joystick!!


If i get the game running now, then quit and plug the joystick in, the game crashes if i go into the options screens....


Time to look for an updated joystick driver perhaps....


I cant be the only one out there with a Saitek Cyborg Force using BS2 can i?

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What windows do you use?

I use a Saitek R440 racing wheel as rudderpedals, and in Win 7 64bit atleast the force feedback drivers from Saitek crashed the sim.

Only way to avoid crash were by doing as explained in this post


but then you will not have any force feedback.

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Same problem but mine is even stranger. I bought BS2 (retail version) upgraded it to and the Training and Mission missions just crashes when I try and play them. The strange thing is the Campaign missions work fine!!!

Unplugged my X-52 PRO to see if that affected it (it dosnt) and it did the same in


XP 32 Bit

Latest Nvidia drivers (260 GTX)

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Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit mate....


will try that registry edit...nope - no joy


I have completely removed the joystick from windows, and struggled to get the saitek drivers on as windows prefers to use its own which is a pain...

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This is very likely to fix your problem, as long as you have a 64 bit processor. Win XP 32 bit is very dated these days, and will have all sorts of problems with all sorts of newer games.

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How did you force Windows to use the Saitek USB driver. I have X52pro.

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