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How To Slew Shkval Diagonaly With X52 HAT

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Hi. In this topic, I'm trying to tell how to use X52 silver HAT and SST Software to slew Shkval diagonaly. If this was told before, I'm sorry and I'd like a Moderator to merge with actual topic or lock/erase this thread.


* I may tell like telling a child or a person who don't know much, because of my English. :) So, I'm sorry, you may pass the lines that you've already known. And please ignore my words. :)




Actually we can do this with black POV2 easly. In SST Software, right-click on POV2 area, select 4 WAY, save and re-load profile. In BS2 control page, assign the slew controls to POV2. That's it. It works diagonaly. But I couldn't manage same way for POV1. And I tried this method I told below and it has worked properly.




Of course, we use SST Software to do it. But before, I assign a key for each way (in Control page, Blackshark). As below, Left Control and numeric keys are assigned for Shkval movement. Please ignore my keys shown below. I completely changed keys all for myself. Of course you may have different keys.


Just 4 keys to slew Shkval.




Now, run Profile Editor and load your profile for Black Shark 2. As you know, metal HAT on the stick is named POV1.

Click the arrow on POV1 area (or right-click) and make sure "8-way" selected, and click on "Buttons".




Now, this step is so simple; Click the box area of POV1↑ and press the keys you want. In this picture, I press left Control and 8. Click on "ok" sign and type a name for it like SHKVAL-UP.

Assign other three ways (POV1→, POV1↓ & POV1←) in the same way.




And in this step, we assign 'diagonal' ways.

As shown below; right-click in the empty area of POV1 and click on "New Advanced Command..."




Edit Action Command page comes. You may type a command name, of course.

One click on "Press" box. Cursor blinks.


Now, type your keys. This command will slew Shkval cam up and right direction. So, your keys should be mixed of UP and RIGHT keys.

I press & hold LeftControl and hit 8 and 6, and release LeftControl. It appears like that:




Now, I delete the "released keys" (I may have described wrong).




Last step; (That's important - I guess) I "quantized" the time between the key-strokes. I set it 0,010 sec.

(I do this, because if the "time" between keys are greater than 0,080, 0,090 or 0,110 secs, SST software can miss one or more keys of the key-sequence. For example; sometimes SST doesn't see "control key", and performs only 8 or 6 key. So, my cockpit camera moves by itself. So, it's good to set lower value.)






At the end of process, it should be seen like that.



Save the profile. Clear and re-load profile via the Saitek icon placed on system-tray. That's it. It works perfect so far.


May be there's easier way to do this. Please, I'll be happy if you feed back about result. (And I'll be glad if you correct the grammar or expression of my message.)


Thanks so much. :beer:

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