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Takeoff from Parking Area - Useful data

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I can't recall when or where, but the question was asked recently concerning "takeoff from parking area", specifically at which airbases the AI would be placed nearby to the player aircraft. For help with mission designing, I did some investigation, here are the results. I also measured the AI taxi times (to nearest 30 sec) from the parking area to the start of their takeoff, it ranges from 2m00 for Saki to a massive 10m00 for Simpheropol :o .


Crimean airfields


01 Khersones

Taxi Time 3m30

44°34'08"-33°23'39" 12m

10° 1800m


02 Belbek

Taxi Time 3m30

44°41'02"-33°33'23" 92m

71° 3200m


03 Saki

Taxi Time 2m00 ------ AI start nearby

45°04'19"-33°35'01" 52m

45° 3400m

45° 3400m


04 Razdolnoye

Taxi Time 6m00 ------ AI start nearby

45°43'09"-33°31'35" 52m

0° 3200m



05 Simferopol

Taxi Time 10m00 ------ AI start nearby

45°01'40"-33°58'12" 62m

13° 3900m

9° 2600m


06 Gvardeskoye

Taxi Time 6m00

45°05'32"-33°57'48" 52m

13° 3200m


07 Oktyabrskoye

Taxi Time 4m00

45°18'51"-34°04'15" 52m

58° 3500m


08 Krasnoyvardenskoye

Taxi Time 4m00 ------ AI start nearby

45°33'43"-34°16'10" 52m

50° 3500m



09 Dzhankoy

Taxi Time 3m00

45°40'44"-34°24'37" 52m

50° 3500m


10 Kirovskoye

Taxi Time 5m00 ------AI start nearby

45°09'47"-35°10'09" 92m

104° 3200m


11 Kerch-Bagerovo

Taxi Time 8m00

45°09'47"-35°10'09" 92m

104° 3200m



Caucasian airfields


12 Anapa

Taxi Time 8m00

44°59'24"-37°20'30" 47m

42° 2900m


13 Novorossiysk

Taxi Time 5m30

44°39'31"-37°46'40" 42m

42° 1800m


14 Krymsk

Taxi Time 3m00

44°58'15"-38°00'52" 22m

220° 2600m


15 Gelendzhik

Taxi Time 4m30 ------ AI start nearby

44°33'49"-38°00'42" 27m

40° 1800m



16 Krasnodar-Center

Taxi Time 2m30

45°04'52"-38°57'57" 32m

267° 2500m


17 Krasnodar-Pashkovskiy

Taxi Time 3m30

45°01'43"-38°09'04" 36m

47° 2300m

47° 3100m


18 Maykop

Taxi Time 6m00

44°41'18"-40°03'48" 182m

219° 3200m


19 Sochi-Adler

Taxi Time 2m30

43°27'01"-39°58'21" 32m

242° 3100m

205° 2200m


20 Gudauta

Taxi Time 10m30

43°06'17"-40°35'26" 23m

331° 2500m


21 Sukhumi

Taxi Time 8m00

42°51'21"-41°09'17" 17m

296° 2500m

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Taxi times and proximity to AI planes might differ if you change the take off direction and/or your parking position.


# Change the wind direction (head wind) to control the take off direction. Use windspeeds >15knt/s to achieve this. Note that this doesn't work on one or two airfields (forgot which)

# Place statics on parking positions to control your own. Note that your plane will explode upon game entry if all parking positions are taken.

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