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Lockup at Splash screen after first program load


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Had a guy over at the UBI site have a problem installing Lockon. The new customer’s program installed normally. The symptom was that the program would lockup immediately on entering the splash screen and go no further.


Shut down Zonealarm and checked for add-in codecs, No help.


He noticed his AA and AF were set to some manual setting in the Nvidia control panel. He reset these to "Application Controlled" and Lockon finally ran. He went back in and reset AA and AF back to his original manual settings and the game continues to run normally


AA and AF in a “Manual Setting” stopped the Lockon program from running after a new customer's first install.


The system was completely capable.

Asus A8N / SLI

Asus 6600GT (Single, PCI-e)


500 watt Antec PS


See if you can duplicate this. This guy was a trooper and very computer literate. A normal gamer would have given up in frustration . . . .and speaking of ways to mollify a hopefully expanding customer base, how about that Zonealarm glitch. Any luck there?


Also while I've got you, look at changing the box’s MEL (minimum equipment list). It’s just not working out here. We are further along in the hardware cycle and you-guys really do need to bump it up a notch. Starting to pick up mini "thread-riots" about this over at UBI. They do have a point. It’s a constant problem.


But mainly, just a “Heads Up.” We support your efforts and want you to succeed. (We need more noobs in HL!)

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Thanks for your response and here's the thread.




Op sys is XP and I'll leave a message . . . . no, why don't you respond directly to him at that thread. I'm sure it would mean a lot to him and any other struggling Lock on pilots that might be browsing for solutions to similar problems.


I think that a lot of new customers go to the UBI site first . . . because they are primarily gamers (We haven't converted them yet!). Simply, they know UBI. Equally, they would have never heard of a small Russian sim company called ED (even though it’s on the box.). We have to guide ‘em over here. I think that's why the UBI forum tends to pick up more folks that are having problems. Sadly though, I’m afraid we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Most folks will not come to a forum for help. UBI tech support is totally useless (isn’t it actually non-existent?). Most just toss that $9.99 disk in the can . . . then tell all their friends. That’s why I tend to harp on taking care of these little problems that can stop non-technophiles in their tracks. Capitalism done right can be a real PITA . . . but the rewards can be immense.


Just a thought.

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