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StarDock Window Blinds Needs DCS/FC2 Program Exceptions <(Exception Error:0xc0000005)


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Resolution, Workaround:

StarDock Window Blinds Needs DCS/FC2 Program Exceptions <(or system will cause Exception Error: 0xc0000005)

If you have any form of StarDock Window Blinds installed, you will need to add an exception to the “Settings/Per Application/Add” and add the following programs by filename.

Locate the following executable below by locating the place where you installed your DCS/UBI flight simulator, and navigate to “C:\your_location\your_sim\bin\x86\stable\” and add each filename to the “Settings/Per Application” list in Window Blinds.

DCS World:

Add “DCS.exe”

Add “Launcher.exe”

Add “DCS_Updater.exe”

Add “DCS_Update_apply.exe”

FC & FC2:

Add “Simulator.exe”

Add “Launcher.exe”

BS & BS2:

Add “Simulator.exe”

Add “Launcher.exe”

Apparently, Window Blinds will attempt to “skin” the DCS Opening Screen Window, which is a smaller window containing a graphic. This “Opening Screen Window” should not be “skinned”, and will cause the system to CTD with the Exception Error: 0xc0000005.

There are references in forums to this error being one of hardware, in particular, memory. Although this may be true if bad memory were the cause, Window Blinds, in an attempt to “skin” the smaller Opening Screen of a DCS Product will result in this type of error.

I read another thread which provided helpful insight into resolving this issue, as a test, you can use “msconfig” to disable all “startup” items and “non-Microsoft services”, and then see if your DCS product will run. If so, it’s a simple matter to individually disable one startup item or service, until the simulation runs normally.

Hope this helps.


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