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any way to disable particle effects?


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I'm getting crashes in the DCS world A-10 campaign, crashlog shows it's effects related. However I was able to go thru the camp in DCS A-10C fairly OK. after some comparing of the 2 it looks like Bazar\ParticleEffects folder is new in world, so I renamed it in World and I don't get campaign crashes anymore.


However after renaming the folder i've lost the vehicle burning effects (i.e. you strafe a T-72, it doesn't explode right away but there's fire coming out showing it's dead, that fire is gone). So wondering if there's a proper way to disable the PS effect? For example revert back to the DCS A-10C tank burning effect. I'm thinking it's probably defined in one of the .lua files, but can't find it....


Thank in advance for the help!

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